Content Executive: Experts in Web Development and Technology Solutions

Content Executive is the Technology department for Blayzer, a full service online marketing agency located in the heart of Downtown St. Louis. Our department specializes in web development and technology solutions built to fit the needs of our clients. We customize the web to fit your business instead of your business fitting into the web.

Content Executive developers and technology solution specialists bring a unique perspective to branding, web design, usability, open source, content management and ecommerce solutions.  We follow current web trends and best practices and apply them to each project. By taking the time to understand your unique business and needs, we can deliver a custom web solution that's elegant, economical, and on-target.

Because your company website has less than 8 seconds to capture the attention of visitors and potential customers, it is imperative that your site provides the best user experience with clean and consistent design elements, clear messaging and ease of use for each visitor. Our team of professionals has the perfect blend of experience and knowledge to create the ideal website for your company.

Content Management Made Easy

Your website is an investment and as such, you expect a return on that investment. A Content Management System (CMS) brings order, control and protection to your website. Content Management Systems vary; however, our preferred system allows ease of use and does not require heavy training like other systems. You can make updates to your website in a timely fashion and keep your content fresh and unique for your visitors and search engines.

Websites and Catalog Solutions

Whether you use Open Cart or Magento ecommerce solutions, our developers take your complex business rules and functionalities; including non-standard checkouts, content management, huge inventories, complex promotions, custom shipping rules, and almost anything your custom business solution needs; and create a user friendly ecommerce site to fulfill all your business needs. We will deliver the specific features you request and help your business make money online.

Custom Solution Development

Content Executive builds the specific functionality you need for your business. We don't do "template sites" or "boilerplate checkouts." Whether your business uses complex business rules, has multiple user types, or ties into existing backend software, we'll create an effective customized solution. Our developers follow industry best practice and are capable of creating custom solutions using the following technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, XML, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, and all Open Source technologies.


Our goal is to create an appealing website that converts traffic into buyers, increases users, creates repeat visitors (who bookmark the site), and is a getting a return on their website investment. The purpose of this initial phase is to organize site content according to usability and the internet's best-practices. With your input, we'll refine and quantify how your companies information should be presented and how users should interact with the website. We'll take a close look at critical areas like content management, ecommerce, all levels of information navigation, and search features to ensure a friction-free user experience


This is where we identify your target audience and brand the personality, tone, and style of your site ("look and feel"). We'll conduct research into your specific industry to discover (among other things), what is the visual language of your industry, who your competitors are, and what separates you from your competitors. We'll rely on your input and suggestions during this research phase to form opinions about important "soft" factors like Logo, Layout and color, choice of imagery (ex: animate, abstract, iconic), and fonts.


Having determined the information architecture, written content, and the "look and feel", we can apply this information to create a development of the actual web solution. We build out the entire website, with the content management software of your choice or the ecommerce software of your choice. You'll be able to view exactly how the entire site will look and flow by logging into your beta solution. Visual prototyping helps clarify remaining logical issues and helps ensure that the site appeals to visitors - not just programmers.


Here we test, refine, and check quality (unbroken links, correct calculations, correct implementation of all features and rules, valid HTML, proper form validation, and other quality and security checks). Once the project passes internal approval, we prepare a functional beta site for your final viewing, testing, and approval. Now, you can actually test functions yourself and direct final changes before the final launch. At the end of this stage, all that remains is to migrate to your production server and you'll be live.


This is always an exciting moment. What was initially just an idea, has now materialized into a tangible asset to your business. We perform a final quality check on the production server, move databases as needed, install SSL, and update your DNS setting, which makes the new site live. After going live, we continue to assist your business by providing a 90 day warrentee period that will allow us to address any bugs or faults inside the web solution.